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The Journey Of A Lifetime...

Covenant Journey is a life-changing immersive experience in Israel. The tour is designed to strengthen college students' Christian faith and equip them to be goodwill ambassadors for Israel and the Jewish people. 

The Covenant Journey tour is only for college-age students who (1) are Christians, (2) have leadership potential, and (3) have some level of support for or interest in Israel. College students selected for the tour pay only a $500 registration fee. Everything else is covered by Covenant Journey, including flights from the United States to Tel Aviv, hotel, three meals a day, luxury bus, experienced tour guide, speakers, and all entrance fees. 

A Covenant Journey tour of Israel is unlike any other, as it is designed specifically to motivate its participants to discover and affirm their Christian faith and identity through an experiential journey and educational experience of biblical, historic, and modern Israel, providing participants with the ability to advocate for Israel upon their return. The tour will consist of groups of approximately 40-50 students from various colleges and universities.

Each selected applicant will be offered an all-expenses paid 9 – 11 day tour to Israel originating from a designated international airport in the United States. Each applicant will only be required to pay a $500 registration fee and flights to and from the Covenant Journey point of departure. Except for the registration fee and domestic travel, the tour is fully funded by Covenant Journey. Each applicant will be required to complete the application form and pay the $500 application fee. Each application will be reviewed by Covenant Journey staff. The applicant will be notified upon being accepted. If the applicant is not accepted, the $500 application fee will be fully refunded.

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